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Very often we tend to associate Ibiza with fun and beaches, forgetting how gastronomy itself can be one of the best ways to literally savor a place.In Ibiza, in fact, we are often satisfied with gorging ourselves on boccadillos, old-fashioned sandwiches, or turning to paella, believing that we are doing sophisticated ones and eating something truly island.

The truth is that on an island like Ibiza there are many other dishes that are much less known but absolutely worth trying for those who love to discover new flavors and be surprised by ingredients never seen before.Like all seaside places, our advice is to throw yourself into fish, even if there is one fish that most of all symbolizes the cuisine of Eivissa: the ray.

Ray is in fact the main ingredient of the queen dish of the island: the burrida de rataja, a purebred stew with potatoes, almonds, saffron and cinnamon.Similar ingredients also for the two other typical dishes very similar to each other the Guisat de Peix, stew made with rock fish such as redfish and groupers, and the Bullit de Peix, whose main difference is in the cooking of the fish, which in this case boiled.Ailloli sauce, as it is called there, is usually served alongside Bullit.

Despite fish being the master, even carnivores could be amazed by dishes such as Arroz or Rice de Matanzas, based on rice and meat, which, saying a heresy for the Milanese, could recall a poorer version of risotto with ossobuco, or Sofrit Pag├Ęs, a meat stew typical of the holidays.

For vegans and vegetarians, we recommend Cuinat, always a stew, this time of vegetables and legumes that the Ibicencos eat on Good Friday.

To conclude your typical Ibizan menu, as a dessert we recommend the flao cake, a cake made out of sheep's cheese, eggs, herbs and mint, which could be reminiscent of a cheesecake.

In order to digest everything, all that remains is to throw down the Hierbas Ibicencas: a digestive liqueur based on spontaneous Ibizan herbs. Every family has been saying for over 200 years that they have the best serum, you just need to know that you will probably distinguish a strong note of anise, but you can compete with your hosts to guess which herbs they have added to their.

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